How To Stop Overthinking.

You are more than capable of doing anything your heart desires. Everything that you see whether the beauty of nature, or the discoveries and creations by humans, lie within you. We are at war with ourselves. So to get out of your own way would be an attempt to increase […]

The Power of Imagery and Reputation.

The image attached to people, places, and things can be everlasting. Images lead to stereotypes which can interfere with logic, and portray things in a detrimental or positive way. You see the importance with image in religion, groups, and even company brands. It also happens when our reputation is at […]


The Power of Attention and Attention Span.

We’ve all been in class and heard our teacher yell, “Pay attention!”. This is because attention is one of the most powerful things in the world. When you are focused, you’re almost in a hypnotic state, you’re accepting information that’ll impact your life and decisions subconsciously in the future. Depending […]


Is Milk Really Healthy?

Throughout our childhood we have grown comfortable with milk and it being labeled as a healthy product to consume. Even to this day milk is wholeheartedly defended, despite it’s questionable health risks. Apparently there is a few things wrong and unhealthy with milk. Most milk being sold or beverages in […]


Social Validation Vs Self Identity.

Something that isn’t discussed enough is social validation and the different ways we conform, to feel accepted. According to google, social validation is a psychological phenomenon where one or more passive individuals follow or conform to the actions of others within a group. Whether we want to admit this or […]


Athletes today compared to Muhammad Ali.

Today’s athletes and their occasional opinion beyond sports, like civil issues, is pretty neutral and vague. Especially compared to Muhammad Ali who knew exactly what he stood for. Nobody ever heard anyone speak this way before. So this isn’t even comparable. I want to thank Muhammad Ali for all he […]


Can Cell Phones Cause Cancer?

Cellphones have become one of the most convenient gadgets we’ve ever used. Most of our lives are centered around a cell phone. We make calls, we send texts, we listen to music, we make videos, etc. Some of us at this point may feel lost without it. This is why […]


Hercules the Slave. (People they never talk about)

Throughout history we are able to backtrack and recall many different historic events by blacks such as teachings, displays of athletic brilliance, natural rhythm and groove, and even deep art work. This post in particular is focused on the cook like no other. Just another example of how blacks have […]

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Is LeBron James…..Jealous???

Stephen Curry is playing the best basketball right now. As impressive as the Cavs have looked in the playoffs, it’s being overshadowed by Steph the entertainer.. Yea, I just made that up. From the flashy passes, to the step back threes, and even his eye popping handles, he will have […]