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Are You Mentally Healthy?


Are you mentally healthy? One of the most life altering things that I’ve ever done was pick up a book about the mind. At that moment I was no longer just an impulsive being. I was an understanding being. It was at one of my most depressing moments in my life that motivated me to pursue knowledge, because that’s something nobody can ever take from you. We’re all smart and intelligent, we’re just not taught to be. We’re taught to conform to so many beliefs growing up we don’t even question why things are the way they are. We don’t even know who we are and the power we possess.

Mental health isn’t something that is discussed enough. Many of us lack enough emotional intelligence to even realize that everyone is going through something. As much as we may want to express ourselves and vent to someone, who is really there to genuinely listen? A lot of times nobody. You may feel like nobody understands you. Without proper mental strength, our mind can portray a negative outlook on ourselves and the world that can lead to suicide, or some other preventable tragedy. This is something I’ve realized, but not always had the knowledge of. The importance of having awareness that ultimately brings you back to the positive things in life is essential. Being positive doesn’t mean you’re happy 24/7. As human beings we naturally have times where we feel down. Mental strength is being down, and then becoming aware of your thoughts, then channeling them in a different direction.

Someone who has read a psychology book, a book about Buddhism, or law of attraction know they all have one thing in common. And that is the significant study of how we are perceiving life. That can be the difference in you feeling on top of the world, and you feeling like the world is coming down on you. Without the awareness that your mind reflecting on the negative is actually harming you, you will become a victim of yourself. Which explains why people must get out of their own way. This is why we all at some point in life must find ourselves, to gradually understand others. Overtime knowledge of my mind has brought me to a new perspective of the world itself, it’s almost as if life forces us to grow, or else we’ll be mentally destroyed. So here’s 5 things you can do to improve your mental health. These are things that have helped me and will help you too.


I know meditation may seem like a boring activity but it’s one of the most mentally relaxing things you can do. People’s brains were literally scanned before and after meditation and the mind is less active. Almost to say the brain is calm. Which is actually the whole point. The benefit you gain from this is better focus on the present moment since you are constantly bringing yourself back to reality during meditation. Our minds wonder off easily, and when you meditate you’ll see how. You won’t overthink as much if you consistently meditate. The result is better health overall. Not to mention the relaxing music!


Express yourself. It’s easy to feel like the world is against you. It’s hard to hold in feelings and thoughts because you feel like nobody understands you. You may be right, but at the same time many people can relate to the overall ups and downs of life. Expression is important because it releases this energy you are holding inside. For me that’d be writing. Sometimes I surprise myself with the things I write down. It gives me a great feeling when I do. Other forms of expression are in music, poetry, art, and even in sports or working out. In all these instances you lose track of time, there’s increased focus on the activity at hand. This is described as “flow”. Whatever it is that makes you feel at one with the world, is what you were meant to be doing in this life. Whatever brings you peace of mind through expression is the way to go. Never be ashamed of expression because there’s beauty in your distinctive perception of the world. It only brings value to you and others.

Drink Water

Drinking water may not be as tasty as some people may like. It is the best for you though. Hydration plays a big factor in our overall mood from day to day. When you wake up and you still feel tired, you’re probably dehydrated to some extent. Try drinking some water before bed and first thing in the morning. The result is better skin, better moods, and better balance in the body. Many of us don’t take into consideration how harmful drinks packed with tons of sugar can harm our body or take us out of our natural state. Drink More Water.

Read Books

Read Books! Not just any books. Read books that teach you about who you are. While we go about living our lives there are people who know how the mind works and manipulate people everyday. Don’t become a victim, become aware. Not only that, reading a book opens your mind to new perspectives you would never think to. Simply because you’re not growing, you can only think based on the amount of information you’ve attained. So expanding this information is critical because the amount of things to learn about life is endless. Staying in one belief is toxic, especially in a world that is built upon inevitability. When you read something it is changing your brain, it is changing you for the better.


We all want our lives to be perfect when it’ll never be perfect. Accept that. Those moments when things are going bad, it’s actually a good thing. Why? Because that experience is teaching you something. You will always come out smarter and stronger through these experiences. So embrace them. When your thoughts are reflecting on the negative try this. Ponder on the vast amounts of possibilities that aren’t just negative ones. Channel your thoughts to different perspectives because if you are aware of what’s happening in the moment, you know you’re just overthinking. So calm yourself down, look at things more than just the negative way, and be ready to learn and grow through whatever you’re going through. Without those bad times or events that make us feel uncomfortable we may never do the things that we should. I see bad times as life pushing us off the edge when we’re too afraid to do it ourselves. Life has a funny way of making us become the man or woman life set out for us. If we don’t accept this, we may find another escape route. When in reality we are gods, capable of attracting anything we desire. It starts with your mental attitude.

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