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The Art Of Mumble Rap. Where Did It Come From? Good Or Bad?

We all listen to different varieties of music. You may have one particular genre that you listen to the most, but even within that genre are vast amounts of artists. As music continues to change, so do people and their opinions of it. Mumble rap is now a thing. Some people like and embrace it, others despise of it. When you look at this from both perspectives you can understand the conflict. If you’re an old school type, mumble rap is almost the inauthentic version of what you value the most in music, lyrics.

If you are a fan of mumble rap, more than likely you’re hip to what the younger kids of this generation like. It doesn’t mean you don’t value old school music and style, you just understand how the shift in music changes. That popular saying, “You don’t know nothing about this” is what all of us heard from our parents growing up at least once. Now, as we get older we slowly see how that pertains to people younger than us that are in to “mumble rap”. Which is to say that they don’t know anything about “real music”. So is mumble rap a good or bad thing? First I’ll give my opinion about the art of mumble rap, and then I’ll explain if this is good or bad for music.

Why Is Mumble Rap A Thing?
Alright, we often wonder where trends come from. It doesn’t matter if it’s fashion statements or musical trends, we all know that they come and go. Nobody likes to remember when we used to wear over sized clothes with tall white tees. Or even some of the crazy dances that we may be too embarrassed to do in public now. At some point we have to gain awareness of how we were growing up and realize we were kids doing what was considered “in”.

Nowadays mumble rap is a particular type of sound that focuses more on riding the beat, not the lyrical content. If it makes your head nod and gets you in the turn up mood it’s considered good music. Despite the particulars that gain respect of musical critics, what really overpowers any standards of what is good and bad is how it makes people feel. In this case mumble rap generally makes people feel good, at least for now.

There’s A Time And Place For Everything.

We all listen to music at different times for different reasons. If you’re trying to set the mood for a date, it’s probably not a good move to have on mumble rap. When you’re in the club, you don’t wanna hear Adele singing or even some of the most well respected lyricists if it’s not club music. That’s just the way it is. That’s where mumble rap comes in. As many artists as there are depending on your preference, you can find artists that make music you can relate to. You don’t have to listen to mumble rap, but it’s popularity can almost force you too. At this point you either embrace it or hate it. Yea! Yea! Yea! Yea!

Artists Who Have Been Successful At Mumble Rap
Future is an artist I don’t consider a mumble rapper, but he has his moments. Like in his song “Peacoat” there are lyrics you hear clearly and lyrics that you would have to look up. This would be one of many songs that he displays a lazy musical tone, but it’s so in sync with the beat that it creates the perfect melody. It really shows when other artists support this style. Lil Durk recently called Future modern day Tupac. Obviously this isn’t a comparison to their style of music which is different. It speaks to the influence he’s had in this era.
It can be argued that Future and his flow has created an even more inspired younger generation that has embraced the mumble rap fully. Tracks like “Wicked” where it doesn’t even sound like he’s actually pronouncing that word created a style. It was a matter of time before we started hearing songs like “Panda” by Designer. People were actually figuring out lines that were said months after the song was out.
Lil Wayne even got away with this at times during his career. We’ve been guilty of loving the sound of the beat and not even realizing some of the things that are being said in the actual song. I’m saying that even the people who hate mumble rap must understand this style was started by some of our favorite artists.

It’s A Cycle, It’s Inevitable.
To me, mumble rap is a part of the cycle. The same cycle that created artists like Michael Jackson only because of musicians he looked up too. Where would Chris Brown be without the inspiration of him? He used him as inspiration and still created something distinctive among his peers. There wouldn’t be a Wayne, or Rick Ross without a Tupac or Biggie. There wouldn’t be a Kobe without Jordan. I say this to point out we create through the basis of what initially influenced us. Only to end up creating something new out of it. Mumble rap is a creation which is what music is essentially. Mumble rap is a good thing. It only shows that we’re creating and a part of a wave that eventually will change again. Check out some songs with mumble rap that I enjoy myself below.

Playboi Carti – Magnolia
His style is unique, and he fully embraces the mumble rap. It’s actually cool to listen to, but of course whenever you’re in the mood for it.

B.O.B And Young Dro – Tweakin
In this particular song B.O.B mixes it up with his conscious lyrics, then towards the end embraces the mumble rap. The way he’s able to appeal to different audiences on this song is impressive to me. And Young Dro has always been another artist that in a way paved the way for the younger mumble rappers we see today.

French Montana Ft Kodak Black – LockjawThis song isn’t completely mumble rap, actually pretty clear lyrics from two artists who’s styles relate to mumble rap. But this song is about having lockjaw, so they are rapping a lazy way, as if there mouths are tired so the words come off as them being careless. It makes for a great sound.

M.I.A Paper Planes
I remember hearing this song and not knowing much of what was being said. I still don’t but it’s still a great song.

Young Thug – I Just Might
I’m not a huge fan of Young Thug, but this song has a nice beat, and the mumble rap actually makes it the song.

Lil Uzi – TopThis was the first song I ever heard by him and I immediately could tell that this mumble rap was beginning to go to another level in music.

XXXTENTACION – Look At Me This is that yea, aye, yea aye, type of flow that has become common now. Songs like this have that sound that the younger generation loves to hear. Definitely mumble rap but a good thing.

Designer – Timmy Turner I don’t really like this song, but this is mumble rap. The way he flows off the beat and the slurred lyrics really give a good example of this mumble rap music.

Chief Keef – Hate Bein’ sober
Some of these songs were made a while a go before there was an official name for this type of rap. Clearly it’s been a part of music longer than we think.

The list goes on and on. Not all artists use this style but are still great artists. If you’re not a mumble rap fan then you really appreciate the artists who keep it clear and easy for you to understand. At the end of the day it’s great to embrace it all.

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