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You Can Create Anything.

How Do You See It?
There is a book call “The Art of Possibility” that gives an interesting concept of our perceptions. It gives an example of two people who go to an area to seek business opportunities. What the two people see and interpret are totally different. The area was covered with people who don’t wear shoes. The first guy sees an opportunity to sell, since nobody wore any. The other guy seen no opportunity thinking they weren’t even caught up on what shoes were, so it’d be a waste of time. We interpret circumstances in our own life the same way. Whatever conclusions we come to decide the actions that follow. The possibilities of any circumstance come down to how willing we are to extend our perception of what can work and what can’t. Truth is it’s always our minds that construct our reality.

It’s All Invented
You can create anything because everything is just that, a creation. Grades, credit scores, languages, philosophies, religions, science, etc.. all inventions. We as people have consumed this information and have followed the conforming ways of thought provided by people who came before us. As a kid you had millions of questions and creative attitudes, but programming has given you a reality to conform to instead of one based on principles that help you create a reality you always dreamed of. That’s why we actually think everything within this system makes us smart or dumb when in reality we all have the same power of thought. That’s why none of it is taught in schools. We were never taught to believe in ourselves, we were taught this is the way things are.

Growth is simply extended awareness about the power of your mind. It starts with you. Getting rid of all the doubts and taking action can change your life. Most of us are completely unaware of how our thoughts are creating our fate. So reprogram your mind to believe in yourself. This may take time or it may not. If we all understood this we’d be living in a different world. So the real question is are you going to create your own reality or live by the means of someone else’s subjective perception of it?

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