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People Within

People Within

Here you will find people within. People who have found a purpose in their life. People who inspire others to better themselves. People who stay true to themselves. We look everywhere for the answers except within us. These people inspire me.

Ken The Misfit

Ken the Misfit
Check Out His Music!

Bob Marley Documentary


Watch Documentary

Nas within

You’re telling Nas a story without even speaking.

The Bright Side of Depression

The Lovely Rhonda and her many ways of expression go beyond words. Check out her blog! She writes, does photography, and very interesting videos!

See How Here

Is football too dangerous? Chris Borland thinks so.


See Video Here

Langston Hughes Poem Within

Langston Hughes Poem on Racism

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Rockie Fresh Within

Rockie Fresh has a song out that makes you want to forget about the negatives and just live! Listen Here


Do you know thomas paine?

See Paine and his philosophy on common sense. As well as his knowledge of corruption still going on today.

The Man Behind Movie "Concussion" denounced

NFL denounces evidence doctor.

Evidence of head injury has forcer a doctor to come out and spread the truth.

Ali compared to athletes today.

Ali Compared to Athletes Today

We will probably never see another athlete like Ali.

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