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The Psychology behind black on black crime.

The psychology behind black on black crime is a deeper approach to explaining our subconscious behavior. The theory lies within the parameters of living space and the environmental cues leading to influenced behaviorism overtime. In this blog you will find true information regarding humans and the impulsive nature whether that be from stimulation or manipulation.

Typically when someone engages in a debate relating to black injustice it goes left. It’s almost as if the outrage isn’t taken seriously. Is this because of the immoral attitudes we sustain against one another within our own communities? “What about black on black crime?” We’ve all heard it before while simultaneously trying to portray the bigger issue and cause of this. It’s no secret that there is violence everywhere by all races. We have history of genocides, colonialism, and simplistic hate for one another. Consequently, it has substantially created an illusion of us somehow being more dissimilar than indistinguishable. Of course that would be me speaking from the context of us all being human.

I often begin to contemplate about the very nature of our behavior. How natural is this consistent conflict? Has manipulation and hate always been a part of being human? I think so, only to the extent to which our perceptions guide us. It creates feelings behind these perceptions, these feelings cause our actions. The irony of it all is that we are the creators of whatever fate we so choose. If life and the way see it is more subjective than anything, the way we’ve been taught to view each other has been significantly effective in controlling the masses. I’ll save that elaboration for another blog. My actual focus is on blacks and the crime rate in our communities. There is some psychology behind this that I would like to share.

Subliminal Acceptance
I once read a book called ‘Think And Grow Rich.” There was a specific paragraph that described our minds so vividly, it left me pondering on the people preying on the unaware. Here is the paragraph.

“When men first come into contact with crime, they abhor it. If they remain in contact
with crime for a time, they become accustomed to it, and endure it. If they remain
in contact with it long enough, they finally embrace it, and become influenced by

This statement isn’t attached to any speculation. It is how the mind works. Often we are unaware of this because it is happening at a subconscious level. It is even more interesting that the author chose to use this as an example. It’s almost to say, we know this works, because we’ve put it to practice on the black man. Millions of black kids grow up without any real definitive purpose behind the violence they participate in. Sure you’ll get responses on a conscious level such as, “I do it for respect” or “Street Cred” or even “For survival.” On a subconscious level it is saying this is all I’ve come to know. This is what I’ve been around my whole life. Its influences have gained my acceptance overtime even if I initially rejected it.

The drugs thrown into the black communities, the private prisons, and higher percentages of black kids being arrested for minor offenses clearly portrays a bigger agenda. “What about black on black crime?” What about it?

Take a listen to what T.I had to say about why rappers talk about drugs, guns, violence, etc.

T.I is essentially telling people that rappers only rap about what they experience. Being that rappers have such a big influence on kids, it doesn’t help that most of it consists of drugs, money, and violence. It only creates a cycle of influence from not only their environment, but the rappers they look up to as well. It has created a culture that everyone loves in terms of style, entertainment, and trends. Yet, at the end of the day nobody wants to actually be black and have to experience the injustice and agendas set out against them. To change the environment is to change our world. The things we talk or rap about, the things we value, the way we treat each other, the way we treat ourselves could all change drastically. It’s as if we could find ourselves after being lost for so long.

If we can become more aware of what is happening we can take more control over it. All knowledge is awareness. Someone else is only smarter than you because of what they’re aware of and what you aren’t. Blacks aren’t aware of what is causing this continuous cycle of violence. We must take better care of each other and our communities. We all know nobody else will. Instead of despising one another, we need to believe in one another. That’s the type of energy we need as a people. Not the energy that makes us spend money with the white man only to flex on our own people. Whenever it comes accountability we all tend to shy away or become defensive. There goes the cycle.. The conflict starts us over again, back to square one.

Fixed mental perceptions are the hardest to overcome. Especially when you’ve thought about it a particular way your whole life. We see it with religion, racism, and many other ways we choose to see the world and the people living in it. If we find the constructive ways to perceive, that is the source and power of everything. It’s all easier said than done. Nevertheless, at some point we must change from being the victim of propaganda to being the controller of our thoughts and minds.

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