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The Power Of A Thought and Synchronicity (Must Read)

Everyday that we wake up we become a victim of wherever our minds take us. Even people who meditate, or have the awareness of our uncontrollable thought process still are no different. We value the information we trust, over any information that may provide conclusive evidence of our subjective beliefs. At any given moment, a single thought, that comes out of nowhere can make us nostalgic or paranoid. Throughout the day we all have thousands of thoughts. The ones we choose to focus on can make us, or break us. Hopefully by the end of this blog you’ll have a better understanding of how your mind is working.

Thoughts Connect With Our Experiences
A lot of what we think derives from how we experienced it. It created a feeling that was stored in your brain. Scientists will call this neuroplasticity. It’s just how the mind works. It’s constantly making connections and storing information that we aren’t even consciously aware of. Which can easily determine our future decisions or moods. In many cases, pondering on negative thoughts only make it more severe, since the things we see in our heads are so closely related to reality, we may not be able to tell the difference.
The mind is always trying to make sense of everything. So usually the conclusions we come to will determine how we see the world. But that’s just it. There’s more than one way to see any circumstance. Depending on the way that you look at it. A lot of what we want can be attracted, our minds just have that power. The tough part is learning how all this works. After all, it is said we are only using about 10 percent of our brain. It’s as if the things we expect and believe deep down forms a synchronization that may come off as a coincidence, but in actuality had a true purpose and reason for this event.

Why She Said No
Here’s a twisted analogy of how our minds play tricks on us. At any given moment the timing of what you do can produce different results. If you approach a woman/man while they’re in a good mood, there is a good chance they will give you some good conversation. You might even get the number, and vice versa. Yet, if their particular mood is unwelcoming, you may draw the conclusion that that person is totally uninterested. In reality they could have not been feeling well, they could have had a significant other, you could have reminded him/her of someone in the past that he/she doesn’t like. You may even allow your confidence to drop because of how that person made you feel. Seems natural to think this way. I mean, they could of honestly just not have been interested.
In reality, the reasons for anybody acting a particular way is determined by their present mental state. That’s why at some point in everybody’s life we contradict ourselves.
One day we feel this way, the next day we may change our mind. How many times have you looked in the past wishing you did something different because of how you see things now? The point is, we put too much thought into certain situations that have an unlimited amount of outcomes tied to the behavior. Not surprising that we always choose the negative ones. That particular attitude could make you hesitate with speaking to others in the future. Preventing you from meeting great people.
We are naturally bias, and the most subliminal ques can be the defining perception of somebody who has made a good impression or a bad one. As irrational as that is, it’s even more interesting that first impressions seems to last even after we may have misjudged someones character. As much as we like to go with our gut feeling, the generalizations can hinder your ability to see beyond what you truly want to see.

Waking Up On The Wrong Side Of The Bed
How did you feel when you woke up this morning? Hopefully great, but that isn’t always the case. We’ve all woke up on the wrong side of the bed before. But why? Sometimes there’s a reason behind it, other times there’s no particular reason. Strings of thoughts can begin on a subject, then it reminds you of an event in the past, it reminds you of the food you ate, then you remember how you got in trouble that night, now you’re thinking about who you were with that night, then you snap out of it and remember you’re supposed to be paying attention in class. There is so much going on in our heads and many of us are just impulsive, unaware of how our mind is controlling us. Law of attraction is all about channeling these thoughts into the direction we see ourselves. Knowing that these thoughts (good and bad) will always be streaming, yet my conscious reaction to them is controllable.

What Motivates Us?
We all have habits that form in our lives. Some habits others have you couldn’t ever see yourself engaging in. They all do have something in common though. The amount of pleasure attached to whatever activity you’re doing has signaled your brain to always expect reward. The brain feeds off repetition, that is what builds up enough neuron connections allowing someone to master a particular skill. From walking, to playing the piano, it’s the same brain activity involved. And the whole time, there’s always something motivating us to do it. That’s when you start looking deep to start understanding your inner belief system. Really try and understand the true purpose of this motivation. It could be drugs, food, working out, falling in love, skydiving, etc.. Addiction isn’t a disease, it’s just how your mind works. In all these moments your brain is releasing a rush of dopamine. And other areas of the brain are changing as well.
The things we’re truly motivated to do are followed by action. The things we consciously want, but don’t take action on, are the things we don’t have the right attitude about. So we feel fear, self doubt, and other counterproductive emotions. You ever wonder what makes someone all of a sudden stop doing something they once thought they couldn’t go without? The motivation is no longer their because it all starts with our perception of it to begin with. If I asked myself what is truly motivating me to do particular things, I find out more about myself, and other possible satisfying solutions.

I understand I am motivated to earn money, but what makes me wake up to a job everyday that I can’t stand? I either have the wrong attitude about the job I should be more appreciative of, or I don’t have the right attitude about my potential to do something that could potentially make me happier and wealthier. Ideally you want to find ways to see life in ways that support your conscious goals. Then you become more in sync with your subconscious mind, because now they want the same things.
Do people search for love because they’re motivated to find happiness, or are they more in fear of being alone? Is it that they need someone to complete them? Or are they motivated by a deeper desire of having a family? Are they motivated just to be able to take cute couple pics, and for the gifts on valentines day? There’s a reason not only for the phenomenon of synchronicity, but also for the present feelings which were caused from past experience.
The fact that we have so much to account for when it comes to the realms of possibility, taking everything so serious is a waste of time. Life is beautiful, if you choose to see the beauty in it. The beauty in nature, existence, your last breath, meal, and another day is awareness. Focus on whatever it is you want by knowing outer circumstances aren’t stopping you, nor is the problem. It is ourselves that can be the problem. I am my worst enemy. I am the creator of my destiny, and my perception of the world.

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