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Todays Most Influential Music Artists

It would be a lie to say music artist don’t have some if not a lot of influence over society. Sure some people don’t get caught up in all the trends, but they still love music. To some extent many people are drawn in to their favorite artists lifestyle because that’s who they can picture being like in some way. We’ve all imagined being famous or wealthy, so it only adds to people’s fascination. They are role models for kids who hear their songs on the radio. So it is only fair to examine the today’s music industry for artists who seem to have a big influence on the youth. Here’s 15 artists that you may enjoy listening to from time to time.

15. Tory Lanez

Tory lanez is still on the rise. His music is becoming a preference for more and more people. He has the vocals to create great music. His influence is getting bigger as his fame continues to rise. The more creative he gets with his music and lyrics, the tighter grip and influence he has potentially.

14. Jhene` Aiko

She has her own style. Her soft melodies and innocent look make her easy to vibe too. At the same time she’s not as innocent as you might think, and it’s appealing. Not only to men, but to women who a lot of times see themselves in a similar way. Judging by her music she seems like a cool person. You an check her music out Here!

13. Young Thug

Young thugs lifestyle and lyrics have given the culture something different. Many people may listen to his music for times when they want something to match their energy, others can relate to his life. As a role model for younger guys his influence can be directed in a more positive way. But who am I to judge? Still, his music has some level of influence on people in today’s music era.

12. Kid Cudi

Cudi has had his influence on the culture for a while now. Dating back to his album “Man on the Moon”. Some of Kayne West’s best songs were constructed behind the genius mind of Cudi. Not only that, he brings a different style and feel. He brings us back to earth with its simplistic values always being the leading principle. Always a relieving feeling. His latest album is full of vibes and humming take a listen Here

11. Yo Gotti

Gotti has always had Memphis to back behind his music, but he’s proven he’s more than just a city rapper. The rapper may have been capable of expanding his name, but has been troubled by lack of motivation to go overseas. As well as his number one priority, breaking his CMG contract. He appeared to release a lot of steam in his latest album CM9, and the result of that was a fire mixtape for the streets. His influence speaks the most in his song “Lifestyle” on his latest album. Check out his latest album Here

10. Chance The Rapper

Chance has a big influence on society. His charismatic persona and positive image has created a fan based that enjoys his vibe. He has a unique tone, and has tons of potential with his creative mindset. Many people enjoyed his latest album you should take a listen Here

9. KodaK Black

Kodak has made a name for himself in the music industry and his style has rubbed off on a lot of people. Literally, he even accused Lil Yachty of stealing his “broccoli” slang. What are all the young folks listening to these days? Probably a little Kodak. And while not everybody may not consider him a great artist, he’s one of the hot rappers out, with that comes trend and influence.

8. Migos

Migos recently released a single called “Bad and Boujee” that went number 1 on the charts. They’re voice combos on songs make for an entertaining sound. With there latest hit song still hot, they recently released another quality song in “T-shirt”. You gotta think maybe migos has found that swagger that takes them to a new level. We will find out when their next album comes out January 27th.

7. Big Sean

I haven’t heard any bad things said about Big Sean. He’s just trying to make music. His style and rapping skills are respected. Many will even argue that he’s underrated or slept on. Definitely has an influence and a solid fan base that supports a lot of his moves. Pre- Order his latest album Here

6. Rihanna

Rihanna has the attitude and beauty that sets trends for women. From her music to her fashion, she is a sexy figure and role model for a lot of ladies. She’s made music that has given unique and new expression. Also new approaches when it comes to relationships and apparently being a “savage”.

5. J Cole

J Cole has a lot of influence on his particular fan base because of his ability to tell a story from many different points of views. It’s like he knows what a lot of people have been through, which is why it’s so listenable. Boring to some, but that’s because he’s not in it for entertainment. J Cole has a bigger purpose for his music. He strives to keep it real while becoming frustrated with today’s rappers for their lack of meaningful and authentic material. Check out his latest album Here

4. Gucci Mane

If you had to pick someone who influenced the streets or the hood the most, Gucci Mane is in that discussion. As he was released from prison the streets were eager to hear his music. He’s taken advantage of that absence to regain that influential spot.

3. Future

Future has made his mark on the music game through catchy melodies. His influence through music has introduced many people to drugs they didn’t know existed. The collabs and ability to smoothly transition back and forth from rapping to singing has made his music some of the most popular in his genre.

2. Drake

Drake has had a big influence on the music industry with both his rapping skills and when he switches it up and sings. Despite different rappers taking jabs at him, his fan base ultimately keeps him relevant. He makes great music and a lot of what he does can easily become the new trend.

1. Beyonce`/ Kanye` West

Beyonce` is still one of the most influential artists in today’s music industry. Whenever she makes an appearance whether that be at the super bowl halftime show or a surprise album, she leaves the whole world shook.

Kanye` is Kanye`. He’s expressive, but that’s what many people like about him. He’s passionate, and can take it a bit overboard at times. That carelessness and exuberant attitude makes him a fan favorite. Also his music from past albums is legendary. Much of blacks deepest styles and cries were spoken through his songs.

I think it is important to mention this list was based upon today’s cultural influences. I am aware that artists from past eras were also influential and quite frankly paved the way for the music we hear today. Also there are other artists that weren’t mentioned that obviously have a fair amount of influence as well. Honorable mentions that easily could have made this list include; Kendrick Lamar, Jay z, Weeknd, Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber, Plies, Nicki Minaj, Chris Brown, A$AP Rocky, Etc. Let me know who you think are some artists I may have missed in the comments below. Keep in mind we’re speaking from influence. Note that if this were an article about best artists, or most lyrical rappers, the list would look completely different.

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