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Top 5 Best PG’s In The NBA.

We all have our opinions and preferences about a lot of things. The athletes we favor over others create debates and heated topics. Most times this debate is a matter of the players style of play, character, and impression they’ve made on you. With that being said I will present my top five PG’s in the NBA.

5.John Wall

John Wall is the best play-maker in the game. His flashy playing style, speed, and athleticism make it fun to watch the guy. He’s improved his jump shot and took his game to another level this year. With more talent on his roster he could lead a team to the eastern conference finals. As of now I have him at number 5 on this list.

4. Chris Paul

After consistently being eliminated each year in the playoffs I have Chris Paul here at 4. We all know he’s the purest PG left in the league. A league where aggressive scoring PG’s are taking over. I like his game and appreciate it. With injuries, and lack of chemistry with his team I have him here due to the slight disappointment of not making a finals appearance. Also, Steph Curry made the guy fall. He made one of my favorite players of all time fall. Still one of the greatest to play, but I never looked at him the same.

3. Steph Curry

Steph Curry may be the most fun to watch in the game right now. He makes it look effortless the way he shoots from anywhere on the court. And he doesn’t just shoot threes. Dude has the floater, layup, and mid range game. Virtually unstoppable unless you catch him on a cold night. He is number 3 on my list simply because he deserves to be here.

2. Russell Westbrook

Russell Westbrook ranks in number 2 on my list. He’s plays the hardest each night of any player I’ve seen. There’s a lot of respect that comes with that reputation. You know each night that he’s going to give it his all and that’s who you want on your team. He’s one of the most athletic players in the league and he plays PG. No wonder he’s tough to guard. You’re looking at a guy who has the whole package. He can sometimes lose himself during games because of his natural aggressive playing style and hustle mentality. In this case I will take the good with the bad.

1. Kyrie Irving
It’s almost as if he was born to play the game. He has the best handles in the league and is a guy you know can handle the scoring load. He’s playing with LeBron so we don’t see him going one on one a lot but he’ll be there when he’s called on. He’s clutch and when I compare him to other guys game in the league, I’m at awe with his style the most. Truly gifted player.

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