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Why Are Humans So Irrational?

Human Beings can be pretty irrational. Yea, that includes you,…and me unfortunately. Why are humans so irrational anyway? Well, we get so caught up in our personal perceptions of the world, it’s almost as if it blinds us from other perceptual pathways. The type of pathways that lead to better decisions, personal success, relationships, happiness, and peaceful mental states. Ultimately this results in a greater awakening for mankind. Ironically we find ourselves doing things that only make life harder for us. Why do we make decisions that we know could potentially get us in trouble? Why do people who gamble continue to gamble despite losing all their money? Why do we eat things that aren’t good for us? Why do we kill each other in wars? Why do we ignore signs that are right in our face? Why do we say things that we don’t mean? This blog will focus on a few examples that may give a logical explanation for our illogical ways.

The decisions we make always will result in a cause and effect. Rarely do we take the time to reflect on the consequences of the things we do or say. If we did, we wouldn’t always wish we could go back and do something different. It is the present moment that dictates so much for us. It is the present moment that always defines our mood, resulting in our decisions. You may feel differently about a person, circumstance, or even a particular food tomorrow. What makes us so inconsistent about how we feel is our perception at any given moment.
Thousands and thousands of thoughts run through our minds everyday. The ones we choose to reflect on and believe are the ones that end up defining us. At least for the moment. We’ve all felt strongly about something only to have a different opinion later on down the road. Some beliefs are consistent and can’t be swayed, others are inconsistent and make us realize that maybe we were wrong. We aren’t perfect. With that being said, having a keen awareness of this can create a more fulfilling life.

A logical explanation for why we are so irrational isn’t easy to explain. There are many factors that play a part in an individual making any decision, starting from birth and the experiences all the way to adulthood. Basically so much is subliminally acted upon we have a hard time understanding ourselves sometimes. Yet, there are some reasonable concepts that give some interesting insight about irrationality.

Defensive Instincts

First, we as humans have set our defensive skills as a priority before logic. Which is to say you could be wrong about something, but defending yourself still comes first. Parts of the brain that make us think rationally literally shut down when our perception of the world is threatened. So when we see conflict in this world, it is merely the typical reactionary priorities set by the brain, which acts faster than we consciously realize. We all have said something hurtful to someone that we really didn’t mean. Why? It is our defensive reaction that has caused us to react emotionally or out of spite instead of logically. This is why the subconscious minds overrules and can change your life if programmed correctly. Think about how quick you can make an excuse for anything, even if you’re in the wrong.

The Imaginative Mind

Secondly, much of life is subjective. We have free imaginative minds. We can imagine something in our head, and then begin to manifest the things necessary to make it become a physical reality. We may not realize this, but much of the things you have have been manifested by you and your powerful mind. This doesn’t always mean good things. You see, your subconscious mind is indeed irrational. It will believe anything it is programmed to believe. Life wouldn’t be life if not. Everything you see in the world today was seen in our minds first. Someone imagined it, then they begin to attract and seek the things needed for it to happen in reality. We have the ability to do this, but rarely take enough action after this imaginary state. Our minds won’t steer us wrong. It’s always a reflection of what we decide to program it to believe.

If much of life and what we choose to believe is subjective, it’s hard to blame you for defending your personal beliefs. Yet, if we truly understood this, we wouldn’t spend so much time trying to convince everyone to see things as we do. We would understand how impossible that is. That’s the problem. We spend so much energy trying to get people to see our world the way we see it. It creates wars, enemies, immoral groups, etc. Everything except the realization that we have all been given the freedom of thought, preference and creation. Instead of having the “world revolves around me” mentality, embrace the differences of one another and understand that’s the beauty of life itself. Since we all have this amazingly complex mechanism, it makes us all the same. James Harden once made a commercial that really stuck out to me because of how it accurately and vividly portrayed humans and uniqueness. Check it out below.

Habits/Brain Energy
The last thing that may give a logical explanation for our lack of rational behavior is our habits. Habits make us eat things we shouldn’t, participate in things that we shouldn’t, and even say things we shouldn’t. Even if we can consciously acknowledge it as wrong, but why? It is because we literally don’t have to think about how to do something when it has been stored deep in the brain as a result of repeated behavior. This can make you very skilled at playing the piano, or overweight from your bad eating habits. Like driving or going straight to an app in your phone. It took several attempts before you mastered the motions allowing your brain to use less energy. Wow, maybe we are irrational because our brain is designed to use as less energy as possible. After all, 25 percent of the oxygen goes to the brain. It uses a lot of energy helping you navigate the world. Storing consistent behaviors deep in the brain allows you to go straight into that action without even knowing you have done it. Habits are powerful and essentially rule our lives. This is why they say throughout the day we are operating 95% subconsciously and 5% consciously. It’s as if we are coasting through the day based on behaviors and cues that we are familiar with. The routine in how we put our pants on, the routes we take to work, even our habitual concepts of how we were taught to understand the world all control us deeply.

Tap into your emotions, your thoughts, and your purpose. Create a balance based on knowledge and awareness. Use it to manifest the life you were meant live. You have that power within you.

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